couldn’t the BBC just edit Brian Cox out? #fail

Professor Cox is, no doubt, an intelligent man; his qualifications speak for that. He should also know something of communication, after all, he has had an early career in the entertainment business before reaching his current career peak as, effectively, a teacher (he is trying to educate people, is he not?).

I would expect then for him to have grasped a very simple principle; communication is two-way. If people in his audience cannot hear what he is saying then he is wasting his time. It is pointless having music so loud that some of us are trying to lip read.

There is nothing wrong with making an informative TV programme “an experience”, but those watching need to be able to listen as well. If we can’t hear him then he is failing, and I would have thought that he is bright enough to have realised that. I wrote elsewhere today about learning from your mistakes, but you need a level of maturity to do that which Professor Cox seems to be lacking.

His reaction to those who have criticised him I find appalling, and have exercised my rights to the off button. I shall continue to deploy it whenever I see him appear on my TV for the foreseeable future. It will save the BBC the trouble of editing him out and wasting any more precious licence payer’s money.



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2 responses to “couldn’t the BBC just edit Brian Cox out? #fail

  1. Sophia Spencer

    He has been rather a silly boy over all this. You’d think that he’d be a little more grateful that anyone was bothering to watch him and listen to constructive criticism.
    Mind you, if you do have to lip read, he does at least have large print lips 😉

  2. Fiona Thomas

    I though that he was quite dishy at one time, but he is behaving like a spoit brat and has become singularly unfanciable. I just change change channels now and get rid of his smugness. whenever it appears.

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