I could find that offensive, but I’m a grown up and I choose not to

What is it about modern society and this obsession with taking offence?

A supermarket correctly labels its burgers as being reindeer and parents say that it has upset their children, so now they are calling them moose burgers. Well if, on behalf of the moose preservation society, I am offended about that, so what should the supermarket do now?

Jeremy Clarkson makes some extreme remarks about shooting strikers and folks are up in arms. Grow up people; Mr Clarkson makes his living by making extreme comments. His books and TV appearances depend on it, otherwise no-one would take the slightest interest in him and he’d have to get a proper job.

It’s the same with all this manufactured nonsense that surrounds reality TV shows. Simon Cowell allegedly has the hump with his fellow judges (or vice versa), the contestants are slagging each other off or whatever. Does this repetitive pattern not start to dawn on people as “here we go again”. It’s just another attempt to get a hackneyed format into the news.

Personally I find a lot of it offensive, but I grew up years ago and don’t waste my time on such negative thoughts. I could be offended by all sorts of things that I don’t agree with or like, but life is short enough anyway and I’ve used most of mine up now.

Being offended is a self indulgent waste. Get a life, as they say these days, and do something useful and productive.


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