SEO; who cares? I certainly don’t

I get a bit fed up of people writing to tell me that my blogs and web sites doesn’t feature on the front page of Google, and that no-one will find me as a result. Well I’ve got news for these unwelcome intruders.

I don’t care for starters, and I don’t believe them anyway because they are contradicting themselves; if no-one will find my pages how come they did?

OK, I accept that these folks want to earn a living, but treating people as mugs is not a great idea as a business plan and I treat all of these approaches with the contempt that they deserve. I mean think about it; we can’t all be on the front page of Google (or any other search engine) and do any of my web pages and blogs look as though they need to be there? No they don’t.

A couple of years ago I did sign up one of my business web sites to a sponsored link that put me at the top of the page for any search against the key words for the service offered. This site had been operating for 8 years at the time and I had a very well established traffic pattern of hits. During the three months of the sponsored ad my traffic actually fell by over 50% (I had pulled the one other advertising channel to fund the Google ad). Drive new traffic to my site; no it didn’t.

So I am happy with my own efforts. I get a reasonable level of traffic on all of my blogs and web sites without using snake oil salesmen and their supposedly wonderful offers. When they do email me or otherwise make contact, I just delete the messages.

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