all change in the middle of the mush

Well December is going see some changes, for on the 1st I can get rid of my Mo and then a week and a bit later will see the demise of Nora the Nasal Nodule as I have just had  my revised appointment for her to be expunged from the end of my nose. I’ll be taking a picture of the Mo to post on the Movember pages before it comes off so there will be a shot of the two facial appendages that I’ll add here.

I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed either; Nora was identified as a Basal Cell Carcinoma earlier this year, but I have had her in the form of something not quite right since around this time two years ago. Having something unpleasant on the end of your hooter is not too good; fortunately I have a thick skin and have been able to ignore her most of the time. She doesn’t hurt or anything, she’s just an unsightly sore that has grown into an unsightly lump and I was beginning to consider hiring myself out at Christmas as a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer impersonator, but that career move will not now be happening.

Nora will be coming off under a local anesthetic as a day surgery job and I am looking forward to getting back into hospital. It is a little ironic that she was due to be removed on the first Thursday of my recent six week stay in hospital. Unfortunately that had to be put off as there might have been issues with conflicts of medication amongst other things. We did look at rescheduling for later during my stay but the risk of infection was an issue, especially as I would be somewhat vulnerable in the first few weeks out of hospital. It was a setback, but given everything else that I had come through it was of little consequence.

The Mo is self-inflicted of course; I have never worn one before as a stand alone, although my Father sported one for as long as I knew him. I have twice, as mentioned elsewhere on this blog, sported a beard, and it was partly due to some of the favourable comments about the facial fungus that I had grown after leaving hospital that led to the newly clean-shaven me being challenged to join in with Movember. I had considered it last year, but was in the US for the second half of the month and didn’t fancy it then, especially as I would effectively be underlining the facial feature that Nora had set up camp on.

This year I agreed to give it a go, but I don’t like it. I did have a Mo Mishap early on in that whilst shaving in the shower I clipped one end off, then an attempt to level it took too much off the other end and by the time I had it balanced I had a bit of an Adolph job. That has grown out now and with some judicious trimming it all looks balanced, but it’s not for me.

So I have less than two weeks before Mo and Nora will be gone. I know that I will have to keep shaving to prevent Mo coming back, but all being well the surgical team will be able to fully remove Nora and, unlike Larry the Lump, it will not take three goes to finally see the end of her.

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