Walking Chronicles #2

At some point earlier this week I walked off my 10,000th calorie, something of a milestone even if it is only an estimate of what I burn during my perambulations, but still a thing to savour for such achievements contribute to motivation. My next target, possibly to be achieved later today, is to pass the 100 kilometres walked mark (I am on 96.39 at the moment and even on a bad day 4km is fairly easy to manage).

In truth I am passed 100km anyway as my first walk in this regime on the 7th August was not recorded and I have had to discard a further two from my records where the MapMyWalk app had a GPS problem and gave me spurious data. It does not matter though for my purposes as it is what I put down on my spreadsheet that is important to me.

Over the seven weeks or so since I changed my diet and exercise regime I have lost 17 pounds and so with the switch between imperial and metric I can see having lost 10 kilos as my next target there en-route to having, hopefully, lost two stone soon.

I face a stumbling block during October and that is that I will be in the US for three weeks. Walking will not be a problem as long as I do it early enough in the morning before the heat builds, but I may not be able to use my app there to track my activity. I will still aim to walk for at least 30 minutes each day and do have a route there that includes some gradients to tackle, there will be other things to do that will work up a sweat without too much difficulty an I can also swim as often as I like so burning off calories is not too hard. The issue to face will be in not taking in too many and I am planning my diet around avoiding, or at least cutting back on, many of the things that I normally enjoy.

On my first morning there I will weigh myself to get a check number from the local scales and will monitor against that during my stay then do another check weigh back here in the UK on my first morning back. I would like to do no worse than to have a neutral result; to come back no heavier that I was when I leave, but that may take some willpower. Time will tell.

At some point in these posts I shall start to talk about some of the things that I see on my walks and on the routes themselves, perhaps with a photo or two.




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