Walking Chronicles #3

So here I am back from a trip of nearly four weeks in the USA. Before going I did consider a target of not gaining any weight, but faced with the hospitality that one enjoys across the pond I thought that it would be hard. more so with a lot of travel requiring meals at odd times and in airports and on the road. An what exercise could I expect? Let’s face it my American friends will drive between shops that are but 100 yards apart.As it turns out I only gained 3.5 pounds (1.5kg) on the trip so am pleased about that. All being well I should be back below the weight that I was before the trip in a couple of weeks. But what of the walking?

Most of my opportunities for walking were in the South, and therefore in the heat so the best plan was to walk after an early breakfast when the sun was far enough over the horizon for the mossies’ to have gone, but before the heat of the morning. Even on that principle it was in the high 70s to start with and towards the mid eighties by the time I got back. I managed three wlks of increasing range culminating in one of 6.46km in 57.52 minutes, but the next day I realised that I had taken all of the skin off the bottom of my right heel (the skin came off the left one about ten days later just as the right one was healing up).

That curtailed my formal walking, although I did do a fair bit of walking through airports and the like, albeit none of which were recorded. My flight into Heathrow came into the furthest possible gate in terminal three, so there was probably another half mile or so.

Now that I am back I have walked almost every day and am just back from a 4.72km loop around Eldene and Liden that took 46.29 minutes. Not especially quick as I am feeling quite stiff from my travels, but each kilometre got faster that the one before, so I am reasonable encouraged. Checking the log on my app each of my walks since getting back has been longer and faster that its predecessor. Hopefully I will feel up to a 10km slog soon, but for now the shower beckons.

Keep walking.


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