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Fun with words and situations you find in everyday life. Not intended to be taken seriously.

Reef Cosmos Exhibition – Cairns Regional Gallery – 9 Sept to 16 Oct 2011

Reef Cosmos Poster

Just one week to go now before this exibition of artwork inspired by the Great Barrier Reef opens. I have some of Stephanie Milne’s work (see picture below) and aim to acquire more. Please click on the link above to view the exibition poster.

I do hope that, if you are in the area, you can attend. Better still, that you can buy an original to adorn your home or office. If not, please check the Cairns Regional Gallery web site for more information and opportunities to own an original artwork.

The email address for contacting the gallery is:

Heart of Gold by Stephanie Milne

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letters to the editor – food labelling standards


You will be aware from previous correspondence, sadly largely unpublished, of my opposition to the EU food labelling standards.

However, there is one area in which food labelling standards are sadly lacking. Each week when I visit my butcher or supermarket I find meats labelled as cured; but of what and when?

I think that we should be told.

Yours faithfully

R. Suppards (Mrs)


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letters to the editor – post operative voices


It may pain me to say it, but I find myself sharing a number of things in common with the current leader of New Labour. Apart from the fact that we are both male and both live in this country, we also share having had ENT surgery.

In my case I was warned that I m ight speak in a very different manner after the op and that there was a small risk that I might not be able to form recognisable speech at all, but this proved not to be the case and my medical team have been very pleased with the results of their handiwork as I sound exactly as I did before they cut and stitched. In this perhaps I diverge from the Leader of the Opposition as he apears to sound even more nasal than he did before.

However, we do share one further post operative speech defect in that we are both still prone to talking through our backsides from time to time.

Your fainthfully

Disgusted of Dorcan

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escaped lions+rioters+cancelled football=a good idea?

News that a Russian news agency has claimed that lions and tigers have escaped from London Zoo as a consequence of the rioters and are to be heard roaring on the streets of the capital had me in stiches. It was nice to have something to laugh about.

With the news that Wembley will be unemployed as the footie is cancelled perhaps there is a solution here that suits all. Let’s round up the big cats and set them loose on the pitch and then we can throw the rioters and looters to them. It should be a sell out live and think of the TV rights. Maybe we should get Bernie E on board to help sell them?

Think about it; the ultimate phone in viewer and audience vote; show the looters 10 at a time and have a vote on which order they get thrown to the beasties. Ought to go down a bomb yes? Beats all that Big Brother, X-Factor, Got Talent rubbish hands down, a vote ’em off show that really sends them off.

Hang on. Where was I? I think I’ve just woken up from a dream.

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Lucy Snivelshed is dead – let her rest in peace

So Lucy Snivelshed is dead? I can’t say that I am especially interested in this news other than because it still rumbles on. Of course there are those that miss her dreadfully, and I can empathise with that; I have lost people I loved too. But is there not something of a whiff of profit in the air here once again?

We all know that anyone in an artistic field will have their work become more valuable posthumously, and to see that two of her albums are in the top 10 with a third top ten entry of, oh yes, a double album of the first two. I gather these days just someone looking at the album on Amazon counts towards sales, and you only need to sell about 5 to go platinum, but even so…

I have never deliberately listened to anything of the lady’s work, but I do recall my browsing amongst the CDs in the late lamented local Border’s store being made less pleasurable by the noise coming from the speakers above. When asked for about the fourth time “can I help you with anything?” I suggested that I might be more likely to buy something if they could turn off that dreadful racket. “But that’s Lucy Snivelshed” they said, adding “she’s won awards”.

Perhaps, but my personal pantheon of favourite lady singers features the likes of Nina Simone, Dionne Warwick, Doris Day, Dusty Springfield, Judith Durham and more. Maybe Lucy S did have talent, but my brief encounter with her work did nothing to suggest that I listen further, or to add her to those that grace my i-Pod.

Those that might have helped her defeat the trouble that surrounded her are now profiting from her demise. Fortunately she is now safe from the grasp of the demons that troubled her, and perhaps her squalid demise might save another soul from following the same path. If she is to be any sort of role model, that would, at least, add up to something.



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when tv adverts were fun – good sport your missus – another from Castlemaine XXXX

With their Ute teetering an the brink of disaster, could this pair have misunderstood the lady?

Watch it here and make up your own minds. Castlemaine XXXX at its finest perhaps.

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mobile phones and boring people

Why is it that the mobile phone culture dictates that a person’s volume on their phone is in inverse proportion to the substance of their conversation?

Riding home from London on the train last night I was joined by a fellow businessman, but a complete stranger. His papers identified him as working for a company that I know well and he spend much of the journey making and receiving calls, but I heard probably less that 30 words over about the same number of minutes of talk time despite the fact that we were sat so close. A shame in some ways because, being in an industry where I frequently earn my keep I might have picked up something useful.

Three or four rows in front and behind were a man and a woman who were both so loud that every word rang out through the carriage, and boy were they inane. Having seen them both neither looked like a gormless moron, but they both sounded that way. Do these people think that a lack of decent conversation skills can be overcome by shouting?

Oh, the joys of train travel.

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the end of tennis as I knew it

I’ve read in the paper’s over the last few days about it being 30 years since a certain loud mouthed brat made his mark at Wimbledon, and almost in some way celebrating those events.

For me I can only mourn the passing of a game that I used to enjoy watching. J P McE may have made the game more exciting for some, but his blatant gamesmanship in producing those stage managed tantrums was a turn off and so I did. I’ve only watched part of one Wimbledon event since (some awfully piggy faced woman was making equally piggy grunts every time she hit the ball) and that was because I was a guest in the house; I would not have watched from choice.

The Brat should have been thrown out when he failed to heed the warning and told to come back when he could get on with the game. Instead they reduced tennis to the level of professional wrestling.

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when TV adverts were fun – Carling Black Label parody the Levi’s Launderette ad

The Levi’s launderette ad, where the handsome young man comes in and strips down to his boxers, was a memorable ad in its own right(see below), making a star of Nick Kamen and also bringing a new audience to the music of Marvin Gaye.

Then The Oblivion Boys had another go at it on behalf on Carling Black Label. Enjoy it here.

As a bonus, check out the original Levi’s 501 ad.

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when tv adverts were fun – something for the ladies?

Australian lager adverts in the UK have always shown an element of dry wit. This one is the old favourite “something for the ladies?” overloading of the ute (pick up truck) from Castlemaine XXXX. Enjoy:

Something for the ladies?

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