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Fun with words and situations you find in everyday life. Not intended to be taken seriously.

fun with word games – would you vote for these men?

As a child I loved those word puzzles that would be in the annual that I got for Christmas and have loved playing with words and language since. Whilst in the USA back in 2008 I played around with a campaign bumper sticker and came up with: Continue reading

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London 2012; beware what you say! Could they be the games that shall not be named?

News that corporate giants and the organisers are still cracking down on local, independant, shops thta might want to put some coloured rings on display has got me thinking; are the games, like Voldemort, becoming the games that shall not be named? Continue reading


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so wins the Plonker of the Week award this week?

I’m not sure who to feel most sorry for here; the politicians (yes, really), the media or the public, but the panic buying of fuel and the chaos that has been caused over the last few days has left me bewildered. So who will get my Plonker of the Week award this week? Continue reading

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Letters to the Editor – Canterbury Vacancy #archbishopofcanterbury


I have suffered from gout, don’t believe in God and talk complete nonsense from time to time. Does this qualify me for the Canterbury vacancy?

Also, under equal opportunities legislation, can that bloke with the hook apply?

I think we should be told.

Yours etc

Scandalsied of Swindon

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of beards, and of sexual equality

For those who have picked up on my beard Tweets, the new beard was about a week old when it’s tenure was terminated. I hadn’t intended to grow one, but in feeling rotten with the stinker of a virus that took me over I had neglected to shave for about four days and decided that, with Christmas coming and no need to be anywhere special that I would cease thought of shaving and see what the effect was. Continue reading

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How to avoid dying in a plane crash

I have cracked the secret of not dying in a ‘plane crash, and all for less than $20. I just bought myself a Ralph Lauren shirt cheap in T J Maxx to wear when I fly. Continue reading

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More on a love of music

My parents were not musical. Other than belting out hymns in church with more enthusiasm than technique I can't remember either doing anything remotely musical, and so I don't know where my interest in music comes from. Continue reading

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peripheral vision

As a boy I would often go for walks with my parents and sisters. Like many families in the 1950s we didn’t have a car, so the ‘bus or Shanks’s Pony were the way we got about.

We lived in the country and so much of our walking was along country lanes, across fields and through woods. My earliest memories of these walks would be, I suppose, from the times between when I was about 5 and 8, and all four of the homes we had in that time were just to the West of the developing Heathrow airport. The majority of the aeroplanes that I would see quite low overhead were propeller driven to give you an idea of how long ago all of this was.

As we walked we would talk and look. Strolling along gives you time for that sort of thing and we would watch how the hedgerows and trees changed over the seasons, what was going on in the fields and beyond. It made the walk pass in style and we learned as we went.

That tendency to look around me has stayed with me over the years. There is so often something in a cloud formation or any view that can influence your senses. It may lift your spirits or it might moisten your eyes, but look around you and let these things touch you. Smell the roses as they say.

At the moment I am driving to work leaving home while it is still dark. It is a transient time, but I get to the place I am working at just as dawn breaks. Every morning produces a different sky and that changes as I walk from the car park to the building, every time a thing of beauty to start the day with.

The media make stupid remarks about nature being out of control whenever there is another earthquake or similar occurrence. Nature has never been nor will ever be under our control. We have to live with nature and take whatever it gives us. sometimes that will be tragic for our fellow creatures, but far more often it will give us something to enjoy if we only look for it.

So open your eyes, use your peripheral vision and see what is going on all around you and take a moment to be fascinated by it. You’re not here for long in the general scheme of things; enjoy it while you can.

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The plague of the wrong trousers

I know that this plague has been with us for some time, but feel that I just have to speak out as it shows no sign of receding. Or should I say that there is no sign of things going back to the point they were at before they began to recede.

That which troubles me is the fact that many men, many of whom are old enough to know better, have allowed themselves to be sold trousers that stop a long way short of where a trouser should. I believe that descriptions such as three quarter and five eighths apply.

Now laudable as it is to be encouraging the use of old fashioned fractions, the fact remains that men look stupid in these garments. There was a time when I was a lad and growing quickly that you might be asked if your trousers had had a row with your ankles if they didn’t drape nicely over your shoes, but this latest look is beyond the pale. Men, what are you thinking?!

If you want to wear shorts then get a proper pair of tailored ones, otherwise cover up with proper pants. And if you’re over 50, then just cover up. Old men’s legs are not attractive.

I think that it has been a female plot. Never mind “does my bum look big in this?”, if they can get their men looking like half wits then no-one will notice how big their bum looks. Clever, eh?

Come on guys, stop letting the side down. Dress properly and let’s see some standards coming back.

One last thing. If you must wear stupid three quarter length pants, or those silly long shorts, for goodness sake don’t wear socks with your sandals. Be warned; if I get into power I will be promoting a shoot to kill policy for the fashion police.

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Reef Cosmos Exhibition updated – Cairns Regional Gallery – 9 Sept to 16 Oct 2011

Reef Cosmos Poster

This exibition of artwork inspired by the Great Barrier Reef is now open and you can view a short video (taken on a cell phone camera) here on YouTube.

I have some of Stephanie Milne’s work (see picture below) and aim to acquire more. Please click on the link above to view the exibition poster. A couple of the works sold on day one, so move quickly if you are inspired by any of what you see.

I do hope that, if you are in the area, you can attend. Better still, that you can buy an original to adorn your home or office. If not, please check the Cairns Regional Gallery web site for more information and opportunities to own an original artwork.

The email address for contacting the gallery is:

Heart of Gold by Stephanie Milne

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